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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Neon Pink

Had brunch with the beau and my dad and stepmom last weekend at Glow Restaurant at the Shops at Don Mills, so of course we had to stop by Anthropologie to see the new spring collection.  I found this beauty that I was skeptical of (and now seeing some of the recent reviews I know why!); the Garden Party Shift is stunning...bright pink empire summer dress with large pockets it fits the bill for almost any occasion on a weekend in the summer but it made me feel so cutesy!  I hauled in the beau for a critical eye and he said he loved it!  Very unusual for him to love pink.  My breasts were spilling out the top so that could have been the deal-closer, but I loved how I felt in it!  This one definitely makes you feel 10 years younger and oh so pretty.  The opening in the back is pretty sexy too.

Garden Party Shift Dress from Anthropologie
(much brighter than it appears in the pictures)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Fantastic shopping experience at Brooks Brothers!

I was wandering through the Toronto PATH system (underground shopping in downtown Toronto which links most of the financial district) and happened upon the new Brooks Brothers store.  I was drawn in by some cute sundresses in the window and it was only when I walked in I realized how large the store is!  I wandered around looking at a few dresses and summer suits but ended up gravitating towards the navy and black - surprise, surprise!

The sales woman, Ingrid, was really helpful and I was really happy with her help and recommendations.  I find that retail service in Canada is sub par to the US almost across the board (upscale luxury shops excluded).  I know that Brooks Brothers has an older, conservative demographic, but I think my taste is probably a lot more conservative than most women my age.

Anyway, I bought a basic black dress with a subtle but beautiful pinstripe and the jacket to match.  When I put them on they made me feel powerful and beautiful at the same time!  I will refer to it as my Promotion Suit, because obviously when I wear it, my boss will remember how successful and smart I am that she'll promote me.  I know it's a very simple dress but it's the perfect black dress I've been looking for.  The lines, the shoulders (so important) and the darts were all divine.   It must have made me look like a lawyer because Ingrid asked me if I was one (I'm not). 

Brookscool Wool Check Dress, Brooks Brothers

Brookscool Wool Check Jacket, Brooks Brothers

Cotton Ruffle Blouse, Brooks Brothers

I love that they are wardrobe staples.  The blouse has a good weight for summer...not too light that it wrinkles and not too heavy that it will get hot.  Mother of pearl buttons + a beautiful collar that accentuates the neck = perfect.

Later that day I received a thank you email and two weeks later (today) I received a lovely handwritten card from Ingrid saying she enjoyed meeting me and asked me to contact her again if I need anything.  How sweet!  My own friends don't send me hand written cards anymore!

I'm a Brooks Brothers fan!