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Friday, April 15, 2011

Ta-Da! First Post!

So here I am on day one with the blog...have thought many times about doing one but very few of my projects come to fruition, so here we go!  I am going to detail the lovely things I buy for record (maybe to curb my spending, like the way you're forced to deal with writing what you eat in a food diary)...

So today, I went to the local Holt Renfrew and bought a few things...although I was hard pressed to choose between a beautiful DVF blue and white dress and practical pieces, I opted for a couple blouses I will likely get more wear out of.  I have two DFV dresses and I will very easily admit that I love them more of pieces of art than wearable clothing.  In fact, they both still hang in my temporary closet with the other beautiful pieces I love looking at.

What did I end up getting?
- a beautiful Theory neutral/nude blouse, $210
- a black silky DVF blouse with a tie around the neck that hangs lovely in a bow, on sale for $189
- white tank/camisole from Tristan & America, $29
- rose dress with a navy waistband from Club Monaco, $189
- chain print silk scarf from Club Monaco, $49

Very happy with my spending today!  I feel the pieces will go a long way in my wardrobe and have a lot of colour, or, in the case of the black blouse, some interesting, feminine details that will be worn for many a season going forward.  I was going to get a lovely silk scarf from Tristan as it was beautiful in colours - white background with pinks, beige and greens.  But it said "elegance" all over it.  Why do they do that???

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