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Monday, August 20, 2012

Lululemon Dirt Renew Dress/Beat the Heat Dresses...Love!

I was just clearing room in my closet and stumbled upon a collection.  A collection of dresses.  All the same.  Who buys the same dress over and over in different colors?  One who appreciates the fact that a good design doesn't come along every day.

During summer months I live in the Lululemon Dirt Renew Dresses and Lululemon Beat the Heat Dresses.  I wish I could get away with wearing them to work.  But I do wear them to brunch, shopping, to casual dinners, family get togethers, sporting events and around the house.  They are lovely.

Design-wise, the Beat the Heat and Dirt Renew are almost the same...both have similar, gorgeous features. Lululemon claims the difference between the two styles is the waistband, but I can't tell when worn.  Both fit the same (vanity sizing, you can safely size down) and they are sublimely uplifting to the bust and shape in general.  Bra not required (I'm a C/D cup) and the A-line shape is a universally flattering to every body shape.  They hit right at the knee and depending on the color, can be dressed up (belted, with espadrilles and the right jewellery) or dressed down (flip flops).  Apparently these dresses can be worn multiple ways, but the only way I have worn them is one side of color or the other as all are double sided with different colors.  At retail, they were all $88.

I know they were sold from 2010 - 2011 but you can still score a brand new one on eBay if you're lucky.  Excuse my poor knowledge of Lululemon color codes, but as far as I know, the colors it came in were:
  • Alarming/Coal (Orange/Grey)
  • Chirp/Lagoon (Yellow/Green)
  • Pig Pink/Coal
  • Lavender/Mud
  • Black/White
  • Senorita Pink/Wren
  • Wish Blue/Citron (Bright Blue/Yellow)
  • Blue/Blue Chained Print
  • Ivory/Ombre
  • Heathered Grey/Navy
Stock photos of the Lululemon Dress from their site

Here's my collection.  Don't judge...