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Monday, April 18, 2011

Loving Club Monaco right now!

I have to admit, my love for clothing is likely the reason my savings account looks as thin as it does today, but my wardrobe is one of the reasons I get out of bed in the morning!  I am loving Club Monaco's Spring/Summer I&II Collections!  Pale yellow, melon green and lots of beige mixed in really looks gorgeous together.

I have a tendency to buy clothes that are on the formal side and can be worn for work.  If you're like me you can definitely incorporate these colours into black, grey or dark suits.  These colours really stand out with darker suits.  The clothing in these stores look fabulous with lots of pastels (obviously, being spring collections) and look great on fair complexions (lucky me!)

I am looking at the new, nylon lime 3/4 length spring jacket from Club Monaco and am thinking it could be a fun addition to my wardrobe!  Loving the Club Monaco maxi dress too.  Can't wait for the Club Monaco summer collection!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little more weekend shopping...

We hosted a wine tasting party with our favourite wine lover friends last night and had a great time...unfortunately our bottle to person ratio was skewed by an absent member and we imbibed a little too much so we had a lazy day today.  After a heavy brunch I wandered up Yonge Street and wandered into Club Monaco (a different one); saw a beautiful khaki a-line skirt (Zowie Skirt) which is a great fit for my pear-shaped body (it kills me when I hear that gym commercial on the radio, "look at me, I'm a pear!")

....So I bought it!  Beauty.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ta-Da! First Post!

So here I am on day one with the blog...have thought many times about doing one but very few of my projects come to fruition, so here we go!  I am going to detail the lovely things I buy for record (maybe to curb my spending, like the way you're forced to deal with writing what you eat in a food diary)...

So today, I went to the local Holt Renfrew and bought a few things...although I was hard pressed to choose between a beautiful DVF blue and white dress and practical pieces, I opted for a couple blouses I will likely get more wear out of.  I have two DFV dresses and I will very easily admit that I love them more of pieces of art than wearable clothing.  In fact, they both still hang in my temporary closet with the other beautiful pieces I love looking at.

What did I end up getting?
- a beautiful Theory neutral/nude blouse, $210
- a black silky DVF blouse with a tie around the neck that hangs lovely in a bow, on sale for $189
- white tank/camisole from Tristan & America, $29
- rose dress with a navy waistband from Club Monaco, $189
- chain print silk scarf from Club Monaco, $49

Very happy with my spending today!  I feel the pieces will go a long way in my wardrobe and have a lot of colour, or, in the case of the black blouse, some interesting, feminine details that will be worn for many a season going forward.  I was going to get a lovely silk scarf from Tristan as it was beautiful in colours - white background with pinks, beige and greens.  But it said "elegance" all over it.  Why do they do that???