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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Discovery Stripe!

Well folks, I'm back on the LuLuLeming train, as my boyfriend calls it, with the new Discovery Stripe print and the aquamarine palette.  Is this not the most gorgeous print?  Some have said it looks too preppy, but I absolutely adore it.  For those who work out (or kinda work out, if that is defined as wearing it on weekends) their Luxtreme fabric is divine.  Smooth and silky, luxtreme feels glorious on the skin, as if you're wearing nothing at all, and when I actually do work out, it doesn't feel sweaty.  Lululemon just happened to have come out with a bunch of the Discovery Print luxtreme tops.  Pictures of the haul in aquamarine and discovery stripe are below!

I also adore their new Daily Gym Bag, which I got in every colour (cue the flushed cheeks).  The thing about a great gym bag is it inspires you to go to the gym and when you find handles that fit well to carry around usually two changes of clothes, you should buy it - in every color!  I got quite the haul in aquamarine and the discovery stripe!  I just got my bonus cheque, so I felt that with 90% going towards savings, I could splurge a little.

Daily Gym Bag in Black, $108

Daily Gym Bag in Aquamarine/Indigo, $108

Daily Gym Bag in Dune/Fossil

I also got the Push Ur Limits in the Discovery Stripe, Shape Jacket in Aquamarine, Stride Jacket in Discovery Stripe and the Retro Rainbow Crops for bottoms.  I feel I can probably pair the tops with black Inspire Crops or other shorts/crops I wear.  I love pastels, these are definitely right up a blonde's alley!

 Lululemon Push Ur Limits Tank in Discovery Stripe

Lululemon Stride Jacket in Discovery Stripe

 Retro Rainbow Crops in Discovery Stripe

Shape Jacket in Aquamarine

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  1. Those Daily Gym bags are simply amazing! I want all three - gobble gobble gobble!