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Sunday, June 26, 2011

I heart you, Kate Spade

Every time I'm in New York, I always make it a point to go to Soho...and every time I'm in Soho I always make it a point to go to Kate Spade.  I think almost every woman wants to have the kind of life that Kate Spade clothes make you think of...

I love trying on the beautiful Kate Spade dresses...they are always gorgeous and colorful but still stay within wearable range so they aren't over the top.  Kate Spade shoes are just gorgeous too...I can't speak to the comfort of them but I love the patterns and colors that are combined.

I just wandered into the online sale area of the and saw lots of approachable pieces!  I've listed a few below that are great deals right now...

 Kate Spade Floral Josie Dress, $445, now $199

Kate Spade Villa Adelle Tunic, $265, $186

Kate Spade Solid Lola Dress, $325, $228

Gorgeous stuff!  These dresses remind me of The Cat's Meow front window, in Toronto, which is changed almost every day and is the highlight in going by when on my way to or from work.  The dresses are gorgeous and look like they're right out of Mad Men.  

I have whispered into my boyfriend's ear when he's in San Francisco this week that I would love some Toms Wedges in Coral or Yellow Nautical Stripe (both $69).  These plus a dress from Anthropologie that just hit the sale rack!

Dutch Yellow Shift, $79 (from $158)

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