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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Shopping

I went to return, yes, RETURN, a dress I bought at Banana Republic Don Mills that looked oh so cute on the model and oh so ugly on me.  Damn this model, whoever she is, because she looks gorgeous in everything.  Not even model-ish, just stunningly naturally gorgeous.  I love yellow but this was a crepe draped fabric around the lower tummy, and quite frankly, there aren't many women who can pull that off (as I casually wipe a tear away)...

I will keep my eye out for the next sale on Banana Republic website, because a yellow dress I will be in this summer!  I like this halter dress, but the problem is forever that it won't fit you exactly as it does in the image when you order I'll wait to see it in stores and try it on.

I also went to Anthropologie and bought the Readymade Dress ($148) which is going to be a go-to piece this summer, I just know it!  With a tan belt and cute leather sandals, the soft, soft, soft dress is going to be a wear-around favourite.  What does chap my a** is that Anthropologie clothing is $40 to ship to Canada and costs about 25% more than their US stores.  What's up with that?

I also bought a great large flower wrap dress in an extremely approachable price point from Tristan & America that I'll find the image for shortly ($69).  Polyester, yes, but made in Canada!  Charlotte helped me out and was absolutely adorable (and a dead ringer for Sarah Polley).

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