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Friday, July 29, 2011

Dresses at Anthropologie

Everyone I know loves how much I love wearing easy to wear, so easy to run out the door with.  Just add accessories and go!  Sundresses are great for weekends and sheathes are just as easy for work, and much more comfortable than a skirt (which always seem to shift 180 degrees on me by the time I've walked any distance, no matter how small).

I'm lucky that dresses are in style now and many designers make dresses that have a jacket that can be work with it.  Although, if dresses weren't in style, I'd probably still wear them.  Teenflo/Judith & Charles make beautiful sheathes, Anthropologie also makes some beauties...Club Monaco, Armani, Hugo Boss, Milly (although less business friendly) as well.  I'm already thinking about the fall and some of the colours that will look gorgeous so I've added a few pieces from Anthropologie that are just gorgeous that I hope to try on this weekend!  My shopping budget this month has been absolutely gutted as I treated my cousins to their hotel in New York which really put a dent in my discretionary budget.  It kills me because all the fall collections are coming in right now!

 Sea Nettle Shift, $188
More of a fun dress but I can make this one happen for work.

 Skyscraper Dress, $298
More of a want than a need...but if I had an occasion for this, it would be in my closet!

Four Corners Dress, $298
I will be a better person when I have this dress.


There have been many, MANY times when I've searched for undergarments to help me looking line-free.  I love fitted dresses and skirts, so seamless is the name of the game  There doesn't seem to be much out there that looks pretty when you take it off.

In Bridget Jones' Diary, she compares undergarments that every woman understands.  The lacy underwear: looks great when the clothes are off, however, the granny panties: looks great when clothes are on (only!)...

Jill Zarin is pushing her brand affiliation Skweez ( which looks gorgeous, does its job and you're able to take your clothes off in front of your chosen audience without a blush!  She had a launch party and the stuff looks quite lovely!

All I know is that lace can make it nice looking but the silicone keeps it in place!  A must have for any strapless bra, thigh-high nylons or shorts.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I haven't been able to visit the flagship Milly store yet (900 Madison Ave, NY)...and have never really found my size in the local Holt Renfrew, as the larger 8-10-12 sizes are usually sold out by the time I get there.  Perhaps I need to find myself a Milly connection at Holts!  But I vow to go the next time I'm in New York.  Last time it came down to budget - I just spent too much by the second day!  However, like every store right now, they have a great sale on for end of season clothing; here are a few of my favorites.

Same dress, different models.  Beautiful both ways.  Caroline Maxi Dress, $495 (marked to $297)

Marcella Combo Dress, $375 marked down to $225

Justene Dress, $375

Adrienne Dress, $345 (note the beautiful and feminine lace at the shoulders)

Details make the dress!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Anthropologie!

I think a little bit of Anthropologie goes a long way...I see some women that must shop nowhere but Anthropologie and it looks too hippie-ish for me.  But I do love the summer I bought another!  I tried this on and left without it a few times in the last couple weeks but something kept drawing me back so this time I bought it.  It's gorgeous and so different from what I'd usually choose in colour palette.  And I just love those one piece dresses that look like they are two pieces.

Lila Frock, $158 US/$188 CDA (grrr!)

I also stopped by my favourite store, Judith & Charles, and tried on dress after dress...all of which is gorgeous and so beautifully made!  I was really impressed with how everything fit.  In particular, the Dorian Skirt and Vicky Blouse were so feminine and demure, reminding me of clothing from Mad Men.  

Vicky Blouse, $270 and Dorian Skirt, $240

Iris Dress, $375

Spending the day outdoors tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D (with sunscreen of course!) and wearing a sundress.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

New York Buys

A trip to New York always means a shopping trip, even if I was here for another work.  This visit was mostly fun with a little bit of work, which was early on the trip.  It's also one of the longer visits to New York - 5 days!

From Anthropologie, the Gathering Breeze Dress ($258, below) was absolutely gorgeous on, back ordered on the website until late August and sold out at the store...that is, until the sales woman working with me came skipping to my room as she had found my size in the store!  Thrilled, I tried it on and it felt and looked as beautiful as I had hoped.   So happy, I bought it.

I went to Kate Spade Soho, which had some serious sales, and picked up this beautiful piece, the Maire Dress, Regularly $395, marked down to $277 plus 25% off!

I have done well so far...with some goodies from Benefit - Cha Cha Tint (a coral skin and lip tint), Brow Zings (eyebrow kit) and Play Sticks (foundation and complexion enhancer) and Banana Republic camisole with adjustable straps ($39, Monogram Collection at Banana Republic).

I use this brow kit (Brow Zings in Light) every day - tweezers aren't so great but the combination of wax and powder keeps your makeup on!

Play Sticks (in Paper Dolls) which feels beautiful on the skin...light with just enough coverage. 

 Cha Cha Tint - beautiful on light skin tones

Banana Republic Monogram Crossover Cami, $39

That will likely conclude my shopping experience...with the exception of Tiffany's as I brought my Elsa Peretti Cuff to be sized and will be buying an Elsa Peretti Bean Necklace for Mum, $175, for cat-sitting while we were gone.  It has significance as my nickname was "Bean" to my parents, so I think Mum will be happy.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Kate wears Reiss for Canada Day!

Gorgeous Kate wears the white Reiss dress again for her visit to Canada!  She's so lean and looks fantastic in everything she wears.  Reiss must love having her for their un-paid spokesperson!

Irene Dress + Anthropologie Wants

One of the best things is finding something on sale that you regret not buying.  This was the case with the Irene Dress from Judith and Charles (Regular $295, Sale $209) from Holt Renfrew today.  I bought it in both the blue and white and love how it fits.  It's stretchy and has an almost knitted look to the fabric.  The shoulder detail is what makes it so different than just a solid sheath.

I saw these dresses that I'm dying to try on from Anthropologie on my next trip to NY (next weekend!)...Not so sure how the first one will look on me but I'm interested to see.  I think it looks like one of the more fun weekend dresses.

 Night-and-Day Dress, $158

Now this dress below is something special.  I love the a-line skirt and how it looks like it just beautifully flows and the top looks so gorgeous and lacy and feminine.  Date dress!  
Gathering Breeze Dress, $258

This Quilted Pastachi Dress, $228 looks gorgeous...I saw it in person but not long enough for more than a gaze.  The fabric did look quite heavy.  We'll see when I try it on.

I love the heavenly back details on this Strappy Dandelion Dress, $128, which has a great price point.

This is the perfect time for shopping summer sales.  There are such great deals and most of the summer is still left!  Holt Renfrew has fantastic sales on right now (lots of DVF styles on sale which is fantastic value as they are wearable through every season and never lose their style!)... I can't wait to see New York's sales too.  My cousins are here from abroad and, no doubt, they will want to hit all the great spots.  So I'm glad I'm able to accompany them.