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Friday, July 15, 2011

More Anthropologie!

I think a little bit of Anthropologie goes a long way...I see some women that must shop nowhere but Anthropologie and it looks too hippie-ish for me.  But I do love the summer I bought another!  I tried this on and left without it a few times in the last couple weeks but something kept drawing me back so this time I bought it.  It's gorgeous and so different from what I'd usually choose in colour palette.  And I just love those one piece dresses that look like they are two pieces.

Lila Frock, $158 US/$188 CDA (grrr!)

I also stopped by my favourite store, Judith & Charles, and tried on dress after dress...all of which is gorgeous and so beautifully made!  I was really impressed with how everything fit.  In particular, the Dorian Skirt and Vicky Blouse were so feminine and demure, reminding me of clothing from Mad Men.  

Vicky Blouse, $270 and Dorian Skirt, $240

Iris Dress, $375

Spending the day outdoors tomorrow so I am looking forward to getting a healthy dose of Vitamin D (with sunscreen of course!) and wearing a sundress.

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