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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I'm a sad, sad girl.

With certain clothing that is out of my price range, I sometimes keep them in the shopping bag of whatever online store I find them in but don't actually execute the order.  In this case, it was an Armani suit.  The Armani Collezioni Chevron Stripe Jersey Jacket and Skirt to be exact.  And the store was Nordstrom.   I yearned for it, looking at it on an almost weekly basis, but couldn't find it in me to spend $2,300 on the skirt suit that I hadn't even tried on.

I happened to go online after coming back from New York and found that Nordstrom had my Armani suit on sale - 60% off!  How could I turn this down?  On the one hand my shopping budget from the month was shot.  But on the other hand, I seemed to be getting an odd feeling it was meant for me! There were only two sizes available in both the jacket and the skirt, and it just happened to be that both were available in MY sizes (I generally go one size up from my jackets when I order pants/skirts so this was an incredible thing!).

The delicate waved detailing in the closures, the collar-less neck, the feminine flower, the soft unlined jersey material, the beautiful soft brown colour...I could go on and on.  By the time I was about to bite the bullet and go back and just buy had sold out.

A moment for the Armani suit.  The suit that could never be mine.  The one that got away.

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