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Monday, November 28, 2011

Porter flies with high style

I've always enjoyed flying out of Porter most people, I like the proximity to downtown Toronto, the cute lounge with salted almonds (my boyfriend's favourite) and the chocolate chip shortbread cookies (my favourite) and the chic uniforms designed by Pink Tartan!  The hats are meant to be tilted to be worn like the 60's pillbox hat although I get a chuckle when I see some flight attendants wear it dead center at the top of their head, like a Fez.

The pillbox hat on the woman on the right, how it's supposed to be worn.

 A picture of a Fez, for reference, in case you couldn't visualize it.

In any case, the point is I like how Porter does things.  And, upon coming back from a recent trip, I came back to a wonderful little package for being a good little Porter mile collector.    They had wrapped in the tell-tale Mr. Porter (the airline's mascot, a raccoon) paper a wonderful little gift from WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie, a Canadian company that provides all the luxurious things a bon vivant would want!  And what else would it be but a navy luggage tag?  Again, how chic!  I was very impressed with the packaging, the thought and the gift. 

Luggage Tag in Navy, $90 (if you're not a VIP Porter member) from WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

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