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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Chicago: Incoming!

My New York trip was very expensive in July with the family as I had treated my cousins to their trip, so I've been a good girl as of late and refraining from shopping.  But I have picked up a few different pieces that are going to be great year in-year out. 

Like my Club Monaco Jane Trench Coat...this coat is absolutely gorgeous.  The silk lining is so luxurious feeling and the length is perfect, hitting exactly at the knee.  When I tried on this coat I look like I lost about 20 lbs with the way it snugs in at the smallest point at my waist.  I have a few trench coats but I think I'll be selling off my others for this one!  A great price point for a gorgeous, flattering and timeless coat.

Club Monaco Jane Trench Coat, $298

I'm leaving for Chicago on Sunday for work and can't wait to visit my fave Chicago store, Nordstrom!  The customer service in Nordstrom is really quite unparalleled.   I'm excited to see the DVF collection and try on a few fall wrap dresses as well as Milly and the new Armani jackets.  I love, love, love the fall and especially the autumn colours and clothes.  

I have some failed efforts at purging (in the healthy way), and selling off some clothing, purses and Lululemon gear (I'm a collector, not a wearer - despite my best efforts at a regular gym schedule), and what proceeds should be going toward other things, they have been going toward new in essence, I'm just updating my wardrobe, not paring down.  I bought a few Lululemon gym bags that usually serve as my laptop or every day bags.   Lululemon Pure Bag in Tweed/Flannel (shown below) and one in the same shape in a black and white Houndstooth with splashes of red in the zipper/pockets area.

Lululemon Pure Bag (from a previous year)

Hopefully my workouts will be more regular with these beautiful bags (I say, with my hands behind my back and coyly twisting my right foot on the toe).

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