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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Seriously? How did I not know about Asos before?

Stumbling through the web looking under key words on Google, "striped black and white dress" and somehow I found, a site dedicated to amazing finds for amazing prices.  Not only do they have international free shipping, but the best part is you can see how the clothes fit on a model walking the runway.  So important!  I found that a few of the pieces I liked in pictures I didn't like so much on the runway.  But this is great because I found some details on other pieces I wouldn't have seen otherwise.  Great user experience to see for each and every piece of clothing!  Impressively, the site has Reiss clothing, which is so hard to find available few stores near me!

Another cute feature - when the model walks the runway a different song is played...many new bands and musicians I've discovered there!

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