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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some more fun necklaces...

I went to Chicago for business and managed to find some time to play dress up with some fun necklaces.  I loved this one so much that I bought it from Ann Taylor ($68)...what's better yet is that it comes with a pin on the back that changes the necklace to a brooch - very cute!  The cardinal necklace ($68) is also from Ann Taylor as well as the bib lace necklace ($98).  I have to give it to Ann Taylor for their hybrid of beauty and hardiness in their jewelery...any piece I've purchased has lasted much longer than any other "fashion" jewelery I've bought-en :)

 These are from Aldo and equally as cute, and extremely approachable in pricing...Aldo Hauth (Owl, $15) and Owl Bodziony (Bee, $12).

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